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WersiPlayersGroup  is a privately run unofficial website intended as an enthusiasts group for all that enjoy making music with Wersi instruments old and new.  Although the site is UK based all Wersi owners are invited to register and participate in the group.

It is a 'Members Group' with the main emphasis being not so much on the technical side of Wersi instruments but more for the Wersi Players themselves.  A group site where all Wersi players can come together as an 'on line community' so to speak and share their knowledge, ideas, how they play their instruments, favourite settings, features, types of music preferred, in fact just about anything that you may do in connection with your musical hobby will be of interest to others I am sure.


The site will include pages for discussion and exchange of ideas on any music related subject. 


There is a page for members 'MP3s if you would like to share a Wersi Instrument recording of your own with us.


Pages that I would be very interested in trying to establish are some 'Members Own Pages'  As an example, If someone interested in having a page could initially let me have a musical profile of themselves and how they started out in music and their experiences up to the present day. The page holder would then be able to send me any points of musical interest which I could add to their pages at anytime.  If you like the sound of this idea and would be interested to have a page yourself, please get in touch.


Although the main emphasis are the players themselves, all aspects of Wersi ownership can be included as the site expands to meet members wishes. (The only restriction would be on controversial or contentious issues which need to be avoided for obvious reasons) There is great potential to add pages, so I would like to invite all members that have ideas for possible subjects to please contact me so we can talk them over with the view of adding some new features to the site.  In a 'nutshell' I am inviting the membership to shape the destiny of the site.


If you would prefer to speak on the telephone, just send me an e.mail and I will forward my telephone number.

I hope you will register as a member of WersiPlayersGroup  and that I can look forward to welcoming you to the group in the near future. 




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