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On this page I would welcome any New Ideas, Playing Tips and Suggestions from you, our Members.  

Ideas, playing tips, suggestions for the website and group in general would be very welcome and appreciated.  As an online web based group it is possible that some ideas or suggestions may be beyond what can put into practice.  However, do not let this deter you from posting as many positive alternatives may arise out of Ideas and suggestions that cannot necessarily be fully implemented.  The possibilities of all Ideas and suggestions will be carefully considered.

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     Two Tips from David Gilson      12/11/14



Selective Keyboard Split Points

You can add more interest to your music and make it sound more orchestral by carefully selecting how you split the keyboard. An example is the “James Bond Theme” MP3 I submitted. The main guitar theme on the Upper Manual is accompanied by the moving string line on the Lower Manual played below the split point using the little finger of the left hand while the trumpet notes are played with the rest of the left hand above the split point.


Playing both keyboards at the same time with the same hand

Again to add interest to a song you can use a technique performed by the professionals which is to hold on to a note on one keyboard while playing notes on the other keyboard with the same hand. An example of this is the MP3 “You Only Live Twice” which I previously submitted. The String introduction is all played on the Lower Manual except for the Brightness/Kalimba infill notes at the end, which are played on the Upper Manual. The last String note of the introduction is played with the thumb of the right hand on the Lower Manual to allow the middle and fourth finger of the right hand to play the infill Brightness/Kalimba notes on the Upper Manual without lifting the thumb from the lower manual. In this way you hear the sustained string note with the infill Brightness/Kalimba notes at the same time..

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