Three more tunes played on the 'Scala HD' from Jeff Ormerod

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These are all played on the Scala HD and feature the drawbar sounds of the VB3 Virtual Hammond Organ from GSI (Genuine Soundware and Instruments).

For the first demo we choose the VB3’s model 122 Leslie Speaker in both Chorale and Tremolo modes in this classic song by Procol Harum. The original drawbar settings used by the group’s guitarist Mathew Fisher have been used for the recording. The organ sounds are complemented by a drum pattern from the OAS accompaniment unit and a guitar rhythm from the OAS Rhythm Designer.

The second demo demonstrates the advantages of running multiple instances of VB3 in a host program. Sounds with a vibrato setting are used on the upper manual whilst those with a Leslie Speaker setting are used on the lower manual, the sort of thing Klaus Wunderlich might do in his recordings. However, he needed a multi-track recording studio to do it 😃. The drawbar chimes are added from the Wersi OAS drawbar unit. 

The third demo illustrates how the VB3 drawbar sounds can be combined with any of the other organ sounds. We use a variety of orchestral sounds from the OAS sound database and a style from the Open Art Arranger.

You can also find the demos and more details of VB3 at:-


Just click on the ‘Sample Sets and Demos’ button and select the ‘VB3 Virtual Hammond Organ’ entry.






A Couple more tunes played on the Scala HD from Jeff Ormerod


This time we're featuring the MasterWorks Wurlitzer sample set available in Hauptwerk. The first demo features some of the solo stops of the instrument and the second the ensemble sounds.

I'm doing an 'Eric and Ernie' on the second demo playing the tune and the counter-melody at the same time as in that hilarious sketch they did with Elton John, but hopefully this time with better results!

More information if you need it at:-







Two New MP3 Demo's Created on Jeffs 

'Wersi OAS Technology Project' Scala HD


Jeff tells us - This time we're looking at the Wurlitzer theatre organ sample sets from Paramount Organ Works that are available in Hauptwerk.

The first tune (Give My Regards To Broadway) features the ensemble sounds of the instrument and the second tune (Over The Rainbow) features the solo sounds.



                         Trumpet Voluntary            18/11/16


We have a new MP3 that has been created by Jeff Ormerod with his 'Wersi OAS Technology Project' modified Wersi Scala, of which he now terms as his 'Scala HD' (high Definition) to differentiate the sounds created from the standard Wersi factory sounds. (See latest MP3 pane)


This example has been created by Jeff using the 'Hereford Cathedral Sample Set'  Although an Mp3 cannot do justice to such a recording as much is lost during the WAV conversion to make it feasible to upload on site, I'm sure you will appreciate what has been achieved. Jeff says, if you could hear it live it would 'blow our socks off and flap our trousers' He really is an amusing fellow.


To learn more about this new project click the link below. Jeff is now hosting this on his Wersi Organ Showcase site