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Wersi Owners Forum

WersiClub International

  WersiClub UK.Focus

Wersi Organ Showcase 

A useful and interesting website for existing and potential Wersi owners. Written explanations of the many features and capabilities of the Wersi OAS instruments together with audio demonstrations.

 Bill Gray - The Wersi Abacus

Members You Tube Links

 Dirk Decaluwe
 Chris Hopkins

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  Phil Allen
  Andrew Varley
  Joe Sayers

Wersi Sales & Service

Wersi Downloads Centre

Wersi Direct    (Sales & Service UK)

Robert New - Ben Scott-Hyde

Wersi UK         (Sales & Service UK)

Peter Armitage

Wersi Belgium     (Sales & Service)

Rudi Perdaen

 Wersi USA            (Sales & Service)

Ralph Conti

 Wersi Norge         (Sales & Service)

Thomas Bønes

 Wersi Bochum      (Sales & Service)

Thymo Meyer


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