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Tom Barber's Visit

After Toms third visit to the Oktoberfest 2015 from Australia, we had the pleasure of his company as one of the visits to friends he was making after the Festival.  Very pleased he could come, we had a great musical session together and Tom had a good go on my collection of instruments.  It was a bit like Goldilocks in a sweet shop trying them all out.  mmm this ones nice, so is this one etc.

After giving all the instruments a good thrashing for about seven hours, we finally tried recording a duet of 'Cheek to Cheek' together with Tom on the Abacus Duo and me on the Bohm Overture Stage.  However, it is unlikely you will ever hear it on You Tube !!!

Look forward to another session sometime Tom.


Tom tries the Korg Pa3x  
  mmm - quite like this one!!
Tickles the Abacus ivories Then the Bohm Overture Stage
Quite like this one too!! Now for the Abacus Duo Pro
We try a duet with the Bohm ------ ----- and the Abacus
Cheek To Cheek - Plenty of discord going on here but great fun!!


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