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                                                                                                        New Forum Site                                                                         12/2/15

'Wersi Owners Forum'

Following on from Geoff Turners suggestion for an open Forum for Wersi Owners,  Geoff has been very busy over the past couple of months looking into the possibilities of this himself.

He has now set up a very professional looking Forum site of which I am sure will be of great benefit to all of us. 

The link above will take you to the Forum where you can register, log in, read and post new messages.  There is also a permanent link set up on the 'Links' page of this site.

Congratulations and our thanks go to Geoff for setting up and running this new Forum site of which I am certain is going to be a great asset and well supported..




                                                           Ed's Thoughts & Ramblings                                                     4/12/13

Hi Folks

I mentioned on the home page 'welcome' to the 'Wersi OAS Group USA' that I was impressed and inspired by the way this group interacted with each other with their various projects throughout the year.  So much so, it started the 'cogs' turning as to what we could do as a members group that some or all could work on together.

Obviously, to create a project such as 'Down By The Riverside' with members who usually only meet once a year at their annual seminar, all the participants need to play by music and have a good understanding of music, otherwise it could not be achieved.  This type of project unfortunately rules myself out being an ear player that rarely plays the same tune the same way twice!  However, I think in this case I am the exception rather than the rule as I feel most of our members have either been taught music from an early age or learned by themselves to play correctly so that they would be able to accomplish something similar.

I have used the OAS Groups achievement just as an example of possible things that could be done within WersiPlayersGroup. We have the opportunity to expand this site for any ideas the members wish to suggest.  You may have read from Spikes 'Overview' of the OAS group, that they use 'Drop Box' as a vehicle for passing their work and information between members.  Well, we have this site which could be used for much the same purpose.

As I am just one of the 71 member of this group, I guess my main contribution is the website which, as I said, provides us with a vehicle for manoeuvring and storage space for all our ideas.  However, being just one member there is of course a limit to the ideas and capabilities that I can contribute personally particularly as I do not use printed music in my playing.   We need to draw on the ideas and knowledge of 'You' the other 70 members to expand our ideas for something that a few if not all of us could do together as group projects.

We all have moments of inspiration, so should you suddenly acquire one from out of the blue, please send it along to me and hopefully we could turn it into something good and interesting for the group.

I just had a thought that some of you may be interested in joining in with.

How about a couple of  WersiPlayersGroup  CDs??   (Not for sale of course, Just for members only)

Here could be a couple of titles that could start us off, but I am open to any other suggestions.

Country & Western      If we could aim for about 10 song tracks from 10 different members that would be great.

Easy Listening     Same for this one.

The finer details of actually achieving this I have not worked out yet but I am sure it could be achieved if the initial interest is there.  If you like the idea and would like to record a song for the project  then please let me know.

Note: MP3s sent for this purpose would not be put in the MP3 page or in WersiJuke.  However, if there was not enough support for the idea, any that were sent could then be placed on the MP3 page etc. so your efforts would not be in vein.

The Progress of the CDs would be put on site for you to see what songs are being sent and by which member.  When a CD was complete it could then be sent to members in some form or another, and maybe some could be made as CDs that we could have on our stand at the Oktoberfest.

WersiPlayersGroup  needs your 'sudden bursts of inspiration and good ideas'  so should you have one, write it down before you lose it and send it in to me, it could make things more interesting for us all.



Bank Style Sets That Could Be Used For the Pegasus Wing

Hi Folks

Since acquiring my Pegasus Wing I have been looking at the possibilities of making 'Bank Style Sets' for this instrument similar to the setup I created for my  Abacus Duo.  Not surprisingly, the features on the  Wing are not quite so comprehensive as those on the OAS-7 system instruments so an identical setup cannot therefore be made.  However, I have found that a satisfactory setup can still be achieved within the boundaries of the Pegasus Wing's system and features. 

Firstly, I feel I must just point out once again, these are just setups that suit my own particular style of playing which obviously  would not suit everyone.  At the same time I would like to encourage anyone that also has a system  that works well for their style of playing to share it with us, as we can all learn from each other.

Recently I have been working on two 'Bank Style Sets' for the Pegasus Wing.  One is an 'orchestral' set that as yet is unfinished as it needs a little more study on my part as my knowledge of orchestras is not that great, so that will appear shortly.  The other one I am a little more familiar with, and an article to explain this 'Bank Style Set' is now on site. This is, (and please don't chortle too loudly or fall off your seat in a fit of laughter!!) a setup for a 'Yesteryear' Pub Sing-Along.

My main reason for wishing to create a ‘Bank Style Set’ such as I have in this first article stems from my liking for the music of the Thirties / Forties that was probably around in many pubs clubs and music halls at that time,


However, it was also rekindled last year at Wersi Direct's 'Oktoberfest' which was where I had my first chance to have a poke and prod at the Wing.  With not too many people around I was able to try out various styles and sounds and even though I had little idea of how the system worked I was able to get a few tunes out of it.  By this time a few people had gathered around and had made themselves at home in the available chairs and seemed to be enjoying the rubbish and duff notes I was churning out.  As I started to play a fast Foxtrot, a lady standing next to me threw a song at me  'Its a long way to Tipperary' which of course started me off, she then continued to feed me the names of all the old songs that she knew that was played in this style which seemed to create quite a good atmosphere.  After I finally shut up and got off it, this lady told me that she played this type of music at venues herself (albeit on a Tyros, but we must forgive her for that!!) so she knew exactly what  songs to feed me to keep the momentum going.  However, this was what started me thinking about the 'Bank Style Setup'.  If this lady had not known her stuff as well as she did, she could well have fed me 'Daisy Daisy' in the middle of it, and I would then have come to a grinding halt as I fumbled around trying to find a suitable arrangement for the song.


So this was my challenge.  As a 'Style Player' using Auto Acc and Presets, how do I create a 'Bank Style Set' that could be used in a situation such as a Pub Sing-Along, for whatever song may be asked for, without stopping and loosing the momentum.


I think I have come up with something that's fairly close.  So, if you are interested, first have a read of the introduction to the article that is on Kens Page 3 accessed from the link below before looking at  the article itself so as to get an idea of the direction it is coming from.


            Introduction to a Yesteryear Pub Sing-Along  and the PDF article




Ed's New Pegasus Wing

Hi Folks

Well, I suppose it was inevitable that I would eventually add the Pegasus Wing to my collection of musical instruments, now the deed has been done!  I have resisted the temptation to have one sooner owing to it not quite living up to what I would hope for in features and editing facilities in a keyboard of this price range.

However, with the release of the new software Version 2.0 01 and 02 software, all has changed. V2 has much better editing facilities and also allows you to have 'Selector Plus' as an 'additional package' which increases the number of sound layers just as on the larger OAS-7 range of instruments.  It is now looking very interesting and I look forward to exploring and getting to grips with it.

One of the main reasons for having it (apart from the fact that I cant resist new Keyboards)  is to try and learn how it works so I will be able to converse with some degree of first hand knowledge with other owners about the instrument, as it is almost impossible to do so without one in front of you. (However, this does not mean I will 'inevitably' be having the Louvre or a Sonic!!)

I hope as I get to understand it better, to be able to create a section on site for the Pegasus Wing of my experiences and more importantly, those that have had the Wing for much longer and have more experience with the features of the instrument, and possibly know easier ways of doing things than I may initially be aware of.  So, if you have had the Wing for a while please do join in with things you are doing with the instrument 

Although the Wing is based on the same principle as the OAS-7 instruments, things are set out and operate a little differently so it will take me a little time to get used to things.

What do I think of it so far??  Rub___!?   No, first impressions are, a good solid build, a Keybed that is a dream to play, good Sounds and Styles.  Overall sound quality is also good, played through my SR Club 150 active speakers plus Sub Woof. 

Looking forward to producing some Wing content for the site shortly, so better get back to studying it a bit more.





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