Taking a look at the Pegasus Wing                               

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Taking a look at the Pegasus Wing

As I become more familiar with the features of my own Pegasus Wing I will attempt to create some PDF articles on the various aspects of the instrument.

Should you already be an 'old hand' and have had the Wing for sometime, then I doubt you will gain very much from what I write.  However, if you think I have left something out on any feature in a particular article that needs to be included, or you know of better or quicker ways of achieving things, I would very much welcome your input as the articles can very easily be amended with additional information.  So just drop me a line.


If you are new to the 'Pegasus Wing' then you may find the articles a useful addition to use in conjunction with the 'Owners Manual'


List of PDF Articles

 Article 4 - The Style Section

Article 3 - Optional 'Save Settings' For Total Presets

Article 2 - Customizing Settings and Effects

Article 1 - Getting Started with 'One Touch Play'

 Pegasus Wing User Manual






 Audio Demo's

Demo Sounds of one of the   One Touch Play  setups

Preset sounds demo of Schneewalzer (Snow Waltz)



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